Tips For Hiring An Extermination Company

The first thing that you want to do is look for several companies.  It is not a good idea to pick a single company out of a phone book or out of an internet or TV ad.  In many cases, you can get a better deal when shopping around.  When you choose a tick extermination company wilmington, then you will want to ask a few questions.

tick extermination company wilmington

What chemicals do they use?

The chemicals that companies use is very important.  You want to make sure that the chemicals that they use are environmentally safe.  If they use chemicals that are not safe for the environment, what damage can you expect to get in the future or from long term usage.


How much cleanup will you have to do after the area is treated.  For example, if you are spraying weeds or other tall grasses, will you need to cut up the grass or weeds and if so, what danger are you in or will ticks still be present?

Other wildlife

When spraying in your area, what other wildlife will be affected?  Will the spraying kill off grasses and other foods that they need?  Will the chemicals contaminate the water in the area and will that water contaminate our drinking water?


How effective will these treatments be?  Will you have to have your area treated several times in a season or will it last all year long?  When you get your area treated you don’t want to have to deal with it.  Make sure that whoever you use also has a warranty or guarantee. 


You want to have it be price effective as well.  The price that you pay needs to be worth the time, effort and other future expenses that you may pay if the task is not completed.