How to Reduce Your Dentist Anxiety

Dentists can be scary if you don’t really understand them.  When looking for a dentist, most people will shiver in fear of sitting in a chair with their mouth open and someone poking and drilling their teeth.  For those sitting at a dentist office near me torrance, understanding how not to fear the dentist is a great step.

Oral Health

The main job of a dentist is to maintain oral health.  This means that you want to brush your teeth, floss and avoid foods that can cause damage to your teeth.  When you go to the dentist, it is their job to help maintain your teeth and get them to as good of a condition that they can.


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The tools dentists use are designed to remove plaque and other substances from your teeth.  Typically, we need to brush our teeth with a toothbrush.  This brush is designed to scrape away particles from our teeth. Over time however, these particles can be very difficult to remove.  This is why dentists need to remove the plaque with a scraping device that is stronger than the bristles of our toothbrush.


Our mouths are dark places.  To be able to get in and see what is going on, they will need to use lighting.  To achieve the correct angle, dentists will also need to angle your head back and prop open your mouth.  This part of the procedure may not be pleasant, but it is needed for the dentist to do the best job that they can. 


As part of the cleaning process, they will need to use several different cleaners and chemicals.  These chemicals are used to highlight your teeth and show the dentist where the problem areas are. 

It is important that you maintain your oral health.  Brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean.  This will help to limit the need for more invasive work by your dentist.