Banking In Time Of Virus

Have you noticed just how rottenly awkward everything has turned out lately? Yes, readers, you are still living and breathing in this the time of the virus. Or to put a positive spin on the copy, the year of the virus, because perhaps by next year, at the time of reading and writing here, there will be no more virus. And by that time, banking consultants like those you would normally find smartly parading the halls at banking houses like the Columbia Bank Woodbridge division will be back in business.

It is not so much about the stubborn refusal to adapt to all that is good and convenient about online banking these days but more to do with a yearning for the personal touch. You cannot deny that actual human interactions are a lot more preferable to social media gatherings. It is the human touch that makes all the difference. And it is always exceptional and rewarding to note just how much more seems to get done when a customer is faced with an urgent transactional matter. He or she is anxiously awaiting the receipt of much-needed funds.

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But has had no notification from the bank. Well, it is not the fault of the bank when this sort of thing has happened. It is just that the funds never arrived, and how was the bank to know otherwise. It remains challenging for any online banking consultant or administrative assistant to be of any assistance when there is no face placed to the urgent appeal or enquiry. While the live video call is to be encouraged nothing beats being able to walk into the bank and have your problematic queries resolved there and then.

Just one or two phone calls and the problem is resolved.