5 Simple Ways to Go Green at Your Business

Is the environment important to you? Want to ensure that you do your part to make the world a better place? You can do so by implementing many green strategies at your business. Start with the five simple ideas below and give yourself a pat on the back for the great decision that you’ve made!

1.    Go Digital: Stop sending out all of those fliers and newsletters. It is nice and all but there is a better way. Send all of the info via email or a business portal and save paper, reduce carbon footprint and save a ton of money.

2.    Cleaning Crew: Did you know that many cleaning companies offer green office cleaning services san jose? Utilize green cleaning and reduce toxins and chemicals in the air while still getting the clean office you want.

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3.    Encourage Use of Reusable Bottles: Remove the drink machine from work and you can help the environment in many ways. Reusable bottles keep beverages cold and reduce plastic filling the landfills.

4.    Print Better: Be aware of the amount of printing done at your business. It has a big impact on the environment, so the less that it is used, the better for our world. Be conscious of printing at all times.

5.    Encourage Employee and Customer Recycling: When employees learn that the business is taking part in an initiative, they also want to do their part. Encourage recycling at your business and perhaps even set up bins to help employees take part in this awesome environmentally-friendly action.

Going green is not difficult. Everything that you do to help the environment is an awesome step and with so many ways to do so, you can easily participate in environmentally-friendly practices without a lot of effort needed.